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How do I sign up?

It's completely free to register and advertise your property with Dundee Student Homes. Click here to register with us.

You will need to have:
- read and agree to the Dundee Student Homes Standard
- be registered with Dundee City Council and have your Scottish Landlord Register and Dundee Landlord Accreditation numbers on hand
- have photos of the inside and outside of any properties you wish to advertise.

What is the Dundee Student Homes Standard, and why should I sign up?

The Dundee Student Homes Standard is a voluntary accreditation standard setting out management and property standards for student accommodation.

The purpose of the Standard is to enable Landlords/agents and Tenants to agree a set of undertakings about how they wish to do business with one another, and to ensure a minimum standard of accommodation.

The criteria in the Standard have been chosen to reflect a balance of common sense obligations and responsibilities between Landlords/agents and Tenants and to set standards which are achievable by both without significant expenditure of time and money, and without prejudice to their respective legal rights. 

Many of these standards will have already been met by Landlords/agents registered with Dundee Landlord Accreditation, as they mirror key sections of legislation and licensing. 
Landlords/agents who commit to the Dundee Student Homes Standard will have their properties advertised on a site promoted to the students of the University of Dundee and Abertay University. 

The additional and optional International Friendly Accreditation aims to assist tenants without a UK guarantor find accredited accommodation. 
On making an application to the Standard, the applicant declares that they have read, understood and will act and operate in accordance with the terms and conditions stated below. 

You can download a copy of the Dundee Student Homes Standard here.

What is International Friendly Accreditation?

All the Landlords, Agents and Private Halls that have been International Friendly accredited have agreed that they:

  1. do not ask for guarantors to be UK based;
  2. do not ask for more than three months’ rent to be paid in advance, and agree that all other rent is paid monthly/ as normal by agreement;
  3. will provide additional welcome information to help you get to know your new home, and know who to talk to if there’s any problems.

Landlords will need to complete pages 4 and 8 of the International Welcome Pack for each property. This can then be provided in hard or electronic copy to tenants. 

I normally ask for a UK guarantor or more rent in advance – isn’t this risky?

Although it is common for Landlords to request advanced rental payments for those students without UK guarantors it should be remembered that:

In order to obtain their visa, international students must prove that they have the funds to pay for:

  • Tuition Fees (c. £16000 per annum), and,
  • At least £1,015 per month of studies, up to a maximum of 9 months, for living costs.

Whereas international staff must usually prove that they have a salary of at least £20,800 per annum. 

What other benefits are there?

Your property will be marketed with the International Friendly Accreditation logo.

International students from both Universities will be directed to search for properties which are International Friendly accredited.

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